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The Ripper Theory

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Hannah & Dylan
Jack the Ripper

The Ripper Theory


Welcome to this website wich follows the adventure of two ripper experts on the verg to answering the question, who is Jack the Ripper?



The Ripper Theory

Case cut


By Hannah & Dylan



There are many criminals of the English past such as Howard shipman or the earlier generation such as The 1900 criminals each with there own signature of crime like killing children, poison or strangling, but ask a folk of friend and they will remember one of the most memorable Londoner’s, a man who stalks the shadowed  depths of London in search of a victim; They call him “Jack the Ripper”.


For over 100 years court cases have been opening and closing, police have traced every clue there is.  Researchers have researched all they can but not yet has somebody come with the stable answer to who ‘Jack the Ripper’ is.



It all started in 1888, Friday, 31 august about 3.40 a.m.

When George Cross was walking through buck’s row on his way to work. He noticed a bundle on the floor, as he walked over he was soon to realize this bundle was in fact a woman. Her skirt was pulled up almost to her waist. George first thought she had been raped and was unconscious from the attack, then thinking he may have disturbed the attacker. He listened to the brooding silence as he questioned, it was rather quiet at that time and he listened for if he could hear anyone, he suddenly froze when hearing footsteps behind him. John Paul, also a market porter, was likewise on his way to work. He stepped from the pavement trying to avoid Mr. Cross when he saw him, but as he did so Cross touched his shoulder.  He told him to look at the body; he suggested helping the woman up thinking she was drunk. Paul refused to help him. They knelt down and felt the cold hands of the woman exclaiming she was dead. They straightened her and thought they detected a slight movement. They thought the best thing to do was to call a policeman, so they walked off in search of one. Because it was so dark they did not notice the blood now soaked into the skirt. Police constable 97J John Neil missed seeing them by minuets. Later he turned up near the woman, shined his torch and spotted her. He saw something the two men didn’t notice, that she was dead.  He noticed a nasty gash, blood oozing from it from ear to ear. Her eyes were open, she was very cold, the windpipe and gullet had been completely severed, her body mutilated. This was the first victim, Annie Chapman. The killer, no one knows.

          Sunday 30 September it happened again, this time a double event. These victims were Catharine Eddowes and Elizabeth Stride. Both only minuets away from each other, both quite unfinished of mutilation because while jack was busy killing Catharine he noticed someone coming. He therefore, ran in order to hide and not be caught but doing so felt as if he had unfinished business so cornered stride and killed her, later both being discovered by the police, both the same cause of death murder and both mutilated and cut in the same way, by ‘Jack the ripper’.

          Police just cannot narrow down the killer, trusting no one suspecting everyone. But still no proof of pointing to the real Jack. Letters by Jack were sent to the police with parts of the victim’s body and signed ‘jack the ripper’. Still, hopeless, the police arrested a lot of people ending up back home after proved innocent. Jack the ripper mostly killed prostitutes at night. He was thought to be a homosexual and did not rape his victims but had a hatred of women prostitutes; this showed in his murders. Jack just didn’t give up. No one was anywhere close to discovering his true identity. He strikes again. At this point in life, women carried knifes along with them in the streets for safety, but this didn’t stop him. He later killed Polly Nichols in buck’s row. Finally he was ready for his most gruesome and extreme killing, this is because it took place indoors, so he took his time. He chose to murder Mary Kelly at 13 Miller’s he slaughtered her and lay her breasts and kidneys on the bed side table; she was completely mutilated from head to toe, unable to figure out features. So that’s the introduction, this book is going to try and finally figure out who he is. Hannah E. Stewart and Dylan J. Hussey have been researching for ages to figure out who he is, from reading books to meeting relatives and site seeing the places of the murders, by reading our book you will follow us in our journey to the question “ who is jack the ripper?”. We have not yet come to a solution to who it may be, although we have narrowed it down to 4. 1st, being the most likely and 3rd being less likely.


1.    Walter Sickert

2.    Dr. William Gull

3.    The Duke of Clarence

4.    Montague John Druitt


Jack the Ripper

D.J.H, and I, H.E.S are ripper experts and are on the journey to descovering who jack the ripper really is. Join us on this amazing adventure where we track down family members of suspects, family members of witnesses, and look for clues all around london.

Who is Jack the Ripper? Were going to find out.

Jack the ripper has not yet been caught. Were going to catch him. The ripper theory-case cut